Zodiac Snake Luck 2013

Zodiac Snake Luck 2013

There are many ways to look at the interaction between the year and the individual person to determine whether it will be a good year or not.

  • As the yang water-element Year 2013 makes the yin fire-element Snake weaken (in term of weakening cycle of Five Elements theory), in general it this year will makes a difficult year. As the Water Year is wealth element for the Earth Snake, a Strong Earth Snake will benefit more than a weak Earth Snake. This means that you should work hard to attain the favourable living condition.
  • If we based the affiliation between two Snake, as there is no affiliation with each other, as they will fight each other.
  • Snake Sign is not in affliction to Tai Sui, so you will have a poor year.

Over-all, the year 2013 of Chinese Snake will be a problemative year for the Snake. In the work area, office politics cause difficulties and leads to poor health. Encountering ill-intention people might likely be poor in wealth luck, or might even cause bankruptcy to the business. Be careful in contract signing and/or other important documents to avoid flaws that might lead to lawsuits. Carry always with you all throughout the year a Tai Sui Xu Dan Amulet and display near you wherever you are a image of Flying Pi Yao to negate the mal-effect of the inauspicious year. Perform at the earliest time of the year to seek Tai Sui divine intervention for a more stable and better life by doing the An Tai Sui Ritual on February 10, 2013. It is a spiritual practice to do this ritual every 1st and 15th of every Chinese Lunar Calendar month to cleanse your bad luck year.

In 2013, the vitality of the Snake-born in its own year is not looking as strong as it should. But if he/she get the Tai Sui’s support, he/she might bring potential for new successes. Nevertheless, a great deal can and should be done to improve your wellbeing and luck this year. Feng Shui cures will enhance your confidence, which will benefit you enormously. In 2013, your heart will rule your head! Besides challenges, love life of snakes will face ups and downs, but will also experience pleasant moments. You’re advised to bring Buddha at home. It will bring back peace, harmony and confidence in your life.

Due to Tai Sui affliction direction is in the Southeast, which is the native location of Zodiac Snake. This year will be full of contrasts, of ups and downs. It will bring a whole host of little joys and sorrows of menus. If you have learned the art of dwelling on the bright side of life and minimize its negative aspects, there will be no reason why you are not happy. To get the most of the year, and indeed life in general, follow the example of Joubert: “Instead of complaining that the rose has thorns, I am pleased that the spine is surmounted roses and that the bush has flowers “.

NOTE OF THE YEAR: A Snake in the year of Snake will be a fair year although he/she may feel that his/her achievements are not up to expectations. It is a year for him/her to bide his/her time and not make sudden changes. Patience and a cool head are essential if he/she is to keep himself/herself out of trouble. Business misunderstanding, romantic problems or a slight injury to the body are foreseen. His/her gains are modest but he/she is going to be more concerned with securing his/her position or retaining control.

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