Zodiac Dragon Luck 2013

Zodiac Dragon Luck 2013

There are many ways to look at the interaction between the year and the individual person to determine whether it will be a good year or not.

  • As the yang water-element Year 2013 makes the yin fire-element Snake weaken (in term of weakening cycle of Five Elements theory), in general it this year will makes a difficult year. As the Water Year is wealth element for the Earth Snake, a Strong Earth Snake will benefit more than a weak Earth Snake. This means that you should work hard to attain the favourable living condition.
  • If we based the affiliation between Dragon and Snake; there is no special affiliation with each other, this should be an average period this year.
  • Dragon Sign is not in affliction to Tai Sui, so you will have a smooth year.

Over-all, the year 2013 of Chinese Snake will be a fair year for the Dragon. It is recommended to perform at the start (first day) of the year wherein to activate helpful friends to aid you in your undertakings by doing the Gain Helpful Friends Ritual on February 10, 2013 (Sunday); and every first day of each month (Chinese Lunar Calendar). Enhancing helpful people adds more helpful people to your life.

After two consecutive years (2011 and 2012) of bad years, the DRAGON in 2013 enjoys a better year. The energy of the Snake Year combines with your Dragon essence to attract new opportunities for gain. It promises to be an incredibly exciting year! As long as you concentrate on your work duty, you assure to furnish your career completely, avoid argument with individuals, go out with your mentors, your career must be well in 2013. Dragons you will receive favor from their lucky star Jin Gui This year 2013. Owing to this star’s presence, they will earn a lot and spend little. Their social status will improve because of another lucky star by the name San Tai in 2013. However, there are also some unlucky stars working against dragons in 2013 like Niam Fu, Guan Fu and Fei Fu. These stars can bring unexpected court cases against the dragons.

The Dragon’s love-life will be very up and down. There may be arguments and misunderstandings. Single Dragon people will not find happiness with a new mate this year. They would be advised to stay single and be content for a while in their own company. Dragon people should take care of discomfort in their digestive systems. Also watch out for problems connected with skin or blood.

Besides many problems, there are fair chances of satisfactory achievements in your career or business. Your politeness and patience can help you coming out from many obstacles peacefully. It is very fruitful for you if you keep your secret friend close to you. Their hidden help and support will endow you not only power but a little success too. 2013 year of snake brings mix of fortunes in life. However, harmony and good time depends on your response and activity.

NOTE OF THE YEAR: A Dragon in the year of Snake will be a lucky year for business endeavors. His/her plans still go smoothly although he/she meets minor opposition. He/she may have some personal or romantic problems as home life and love life are neglected by him/her.

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