Zodiac Ox Luck 2013

Zodiac Ox Luck 2013

Zodiac Ox is a sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest.

There are many ways to look at the interaction between the year and the individual person to determine whether it will be a good year or not.

  • As the yang water-element Year 2013 makes the yin fire-element Snake weaken (in term of weakening cycle of Five Elements theory), in general it this year will makes a difficult year. As the Water Year is wealth element for the Earth Snake, a Strong Earth Snake will benefit more than a weak Earth Snake. This means that you should work hard to attain the favourable living condition.
  • If we based the affiliation between Ox and Snake, they are very compatible with each other, you can expect a good year.
  • Ox Sign is not in affliction to Tai Sui, so you will have a smooth year.

Over-all, the year 2013 of Chinese Snake will be favourable year for the Ox.

Last year 2012  have been a poor year  for the Ox. This year 2013, your life force and vitality levels are at an all-time high due to amazingly auspicious Wealth and Happiness Star of Flying Star bringing the power of 8 into your home or business location. Once again, you benefit from Golden Deity luck – there is nothing to beat this! Learn how you can make the most of your good fortune luck this year by getting your timing right and using the right enhancers!

So carry Double Auspicious Coin and wear Complete Blessings dZi bracelet to enhance more of your opportunity to gain more fortune.  Perform at the earliest time of the year by doing the ‘Welcoming the Spirit of Wealth Ritual’ on the first day (February 10, 2013); or on any auspicious date & time based on Feng Shui calendar if you miss the earliest date. It is aimed to welcome the God of Fortune to keep bringing more fortune into the family and yourself.

Sui He, Tai Yang and Yu Tang will be the lucky stars for the Ox people. These stars will bring the oxen in contact with the powerful people. However, the presence of unlucky star Hui Qi might bring in bad mood sometimes. So, all Ox can do is adjusting and coping with the change in plans and not sticking to them with a stubborn attitude.

For those already married, you may need to exercise a higher degree of tolerance and understanding. Your quick temper could cause problems in the bedroom if you’re not careful. The year can seriously take taste of your patience. For the single Ox person, you will have opportunities to meet lots of attractive people of the opposite sex, but no soul-mate unions are likely this year for you.

Ox people should take care to eat properly and regularly for stresses at work could affect theirdigestive systems in 2013. Lunar March, June, September and December oxen need to be careful about their diet in these particular months.

NOTE OF THE YEAR: An Ox in the year of Snake will be a good year. Good times predicted for the Ox person. He will find it easy to make money. Things are all within his reach this year. On the darker side, he may suffer from a misunderstanding with some associate or find that some friend betrays his confidence. All his problems can be resolved if he is open to discussion.


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