Tai Sui is the deity in charge of the current year who rules over all the earth deities. Chinese believers & Feng Shui practitioners respect him highly, and are afraid to offend him because it would cause harm and bad luck to come to them. To avoid offending the Tai Sui, people do this ritual. It is believed that improvement of health, luck, wealth, prosperity, family safety and helpful mentors supports will be granted, even during predicted bad year.


It is necessary to prepare a set of offerings such as assorted Tai Sui joss papers, dragon incense (3 pieces), candles (either red, yellow or gold-colored) and offertory foods:


  1. On the back of the Tai Sui Talisman (red-colored), write your complete name;
  2. Offers 8 kinds of offertory foods (such as rounded & sweet fruits, cakes or pastries, dishes or candies);
  3. Lit & offer candle and dragon incenses and assorted joss papers on the altar. An image of Tai Sui god – Xu Dan Tai Sui should be on the altar (or else any other deity as an alternative);
  4. Kneel down before the altar and kotow (bow down 3 times) while holding the lit incenses;
  5. Seriously beg for: protection against trials & difficulties and blessings upon the family so there will be wealth, success, health, harmony and good health;
  6. Burn the Tai Sui Kim (joss paper) in a metal container;
  7. Paste/post the red-colored Tai Sui Talisman at your doorstep (be it in the main door or your bedroom door) or under your bed.

NOTE: if you’ve pasted the red-colored Tai Sui Talisman at your door once, there is NO NEED to paste another red-colored Tai Sui Talisman on the same door.

Tai Sui Ritual should be done at every 1st (February 10, 2013 – Sunday) and 15th day (February 24, 2013 – Sunday) of every month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar; namely:

Month First  Day Fifteen Day
February 2013 10 (Sun) 24 (Sun)
March 2013 12 (Tues) 26 (Tues)
April 2013 10 (Wed) 24 (Wed)
May 2013 10 (Fri) 24 (Fri)
June 2013 08 (Sat) 22 (Sat)
July 2013 08 (Mon) 22 (Mon)
August 2013 07 (Wed) 21 (Wed)
September 2013 05 (Thurs) 19 (Thurs)
October 2013 05 (Sat) 19 (Sat)
November 2013 03 (Sun) 17 (Sun)
December 2013 03 (Tues) 17 (Tues)
January 2014 01 (Wed) 15 (Wed)

On the 16th day (January 26, 2013) of last month of Chinese Lunar year 2013, do the special Xie Tai Sui Ritual for a thanksgiving rite to Xu Dan Tai Sui for his protection & blessings this past Chinese Lunar Calendar year 2013.

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